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Building the Modern Worlds Unique Dispute Prevention and Resolution Ecosystem

We all dread disputes as much as the dispute resolution process. Why should we adopt a conventional painful process, a tedious approach to resolution, when everything around us has changed to make life better? Why can’t we adopt the approach to prevent disputes in the first place? Why should we all not have focus on practicing dispute prevention? 

FICM is leading the change, in the way disputes should be managed,  prevented and resolved in today’s modern world and developing an ecosystem of “Practicing Dispute Prevention”.

But when disputes arise, the FICM Ecosystem delivers Justice with quick and controlled Dispute Resolution – Bringing success to businesses and communities through innovation in Arbitration, Mediation and other modern day mechanisms.

The FICM ecosystem offers a wide choice of innovative tools, resources, administered procedures and finest “Contract Neutrals” and “Dispute Resolvers” on earth for Preventing and Resolving domestic and international disputes. Our Dispute Prevention and Resolution Systems are available to anyone: from individuals and private sector enterprises to corporations, governments, law firms and institutions.


5000+ Members Globally


2500+ Neutrals (Arbitrators, Mediators, Conciliators)

1000 +

1000+ Dispute Counsel / Practicing Lawyers


1500+ Member Businesses/ Companies


85+ Countries Covered


500+ Contracts under Document Defence Scheme


10+ Fortune Global Corporations Served


1500+ Member Businesses/ Companies

Initiatives that strengthen our Global Ecosystem

International Commercial Disputes Tribunal (ICDT)

ICDT maintains an updated roster of impartial and credible Neutrals in virtually every specialization from over 70 countries around the world.

Parties in international transaction prefer ICDT as their institution of choice for prevention and effective resolution of disputes.

ICDT has two distinct functions – appointment of Neutrals (finest and most credible dispute resolvers) and administration of disputes under ICDT and UNICITRAL model laws and procedures.


Global Business Compliance Council, GBCC

If you are in international business, GBCC is the support you require. The must-have membership subscription for businesses operating in international trade.

GBCC is a seamless global trade law compliance and dispute prevention system that safeguards the business interests in the international markets. An ecosystem that protects businesses across borders with in depth trade and commercial contract and dispute management resources in 100+ countries.


FICM Systems, Rules, Procedures and Model Clauses

FICM’s various integrated systems together form world’s first and only inclusive “Global Ecosystem” of Prevention, De-escalation and Resolution of Disputes.

The resource of choice is mentioned in the dispute resolution clauses of international cross-border commercial agreements to bring certainty in transactions.

Corporate businesses, Importers-Exporters, Investors, Shippers and people engaged in all kind of international commercial transactions can use FICM clauses in their contracts for certainty and cost savings in international transactions.

Upcoming events
The India International Dispute Meet TIIDM 2019

TIIDM 2019 is going to feature thought leaders and in depth provocative discussions that will celebrate the ways in which the modern world is creating innovative solutions for preventing and resolving disputes and this part of world’s power to influence the global development of international dispute resolution.

The meeting of innovators will examine the modern world global ecosystems’ role in shaping the future of dispute resolution – from the development of the global institutional ecosystem, discovering the new breed of dispute resolvers, to procedural innovations and the creative use of rules in civil and common law jurisdictions.

World’s Finest and most Credible Dispute Resolvers are here.


Now no more wait periods, no more uncertainty, no more escalated costs. Be Sure, experience the change in the way disputes are resolved. Essentially with a combination of processes, those that bring success to parties in dispute.

Dispute Resolution through FICM-MCN systems makes it easy for the parties to resolve their complex disputes quickly and cost effectively. You can submit a request of Dispute Resolution to the other party/ies or parties can submit a case together with mutual agreement. Any party to a dispute can initiate FICM-MCN intervention by letter, fax, telephone or e-mail advising us of the name of the case and the identity of interested counsel. Submission is suggested even if all parties have not agreed to resolve.  Our dispute resolution case managers will assist in getting other parties consent.

File for Dispute Resolution

Submit your Case

To submit your case, please fill out our online submission form with as much detail as possible. A case manager will contact you to coordinate and administer the process. Initial Case Submission and Analysis by our Case Managers is Absolutely FREE. Our case manages will Analyse and recommend the best course of action along with registration fee, if applicable.


If you want to submit case details by calling one of our case managers, please call us at +91 8505 999 819 or +91 8505 999 820

Request for Mediation

You may file a Request for Mediation at any time, whether or not you have already filed your case in court or for an Arbitration. When we receive your request, our case manager will contact the other party or parties to the dispute to explain the merits of mediation process, and seek their agreement to mediate.


If the other party refuses to mediate even after wait period of 3 weeks, the proceedings may not go further. An initiation Fee of USD 100 is charged for the process. To speak to one of our case managers before submission, please call us at +91 8505999820 or mail us at


There is no financial obligation except a small initiation fee to a party requesting our intervention if the other party does not participate voluntarily even after 3 weeks of initiation of dispute resolution  request and detailed explanation of the merits of the process.

We encourage early intervention in a dispute since it enables us to maximize both the time and money savings to the parties. However, we have successfully resolved cases that have been submitted at every stage.

‘OnPoint Resolve’


Hon Michael Kirby AC CMG


Michael Kirby is an international jurist, educator and former judge.  He served as a Deputy President of the Australian Conciliation and Arbitration Commission (1975-83); Chairman of the Australian Law Reform Commission (1975-84); Judge of the Federal Court of Australia (1983-4); President of the New South Wales Court of Appeal (1984-96); President of the Court of Appeal of Solomon Islands (1995-96) and Justice of the High Court of Australia (1996-2009). He has undertaken many international activities for the United Nations, the Commonwealth Secretariat, the OECD and the Global Fund Against AIDS, Tuberculosis and Malaria.  He has also worked in civil society, being elected President of the International Commission of Jurists (1995-8).

George A. Bermann


Founding Member, Governing Board of International Court of Arbitration of the ICC (Paris), Member, Standing Committee of International Court of Arbitration of the ICC (Paris), Chair, Global Board of Advisers, New York International Arbitration Center (NYIAC), Director, American Arbitration Association (AAA), Board member, Center for Conflict Prevention and Resolution (CPR), President of Board, Center for International Investment and Commercial Arbitration (Lahore, Pakistan), President of Board, Thai International Arbitration Center (Bangkok, Thailand), President, Académie Internationale de Droit Comparé (Paris, France) (2006-2014), President, American Society of Comparative Law (ASCL) 91998-2002)

David Joseph Attard


Board of Governors, IMO International Maritime Law Institute, Malta (1989); UNEP/WMO Working Group on the Drafting of an International Convention on Climate, Geneva (1989); Board of Advisers, Climate Institute, Washington, D.C. (1990); Chairman, UNITAR Working Group on Environmental Diplomacy, Geneva (1991); Honorary Member, Comité maritime international, Slovenia (2002); Member and Member of Specialized Panel of Arbitrators, Permanent Court of Arbitration, The Hague (2004–present); European Union Expert Group on Maritime Policy, Brussels (2005).

Mahendra K Sanghi


Mr Mahendra Sanghi is Vice Chair of ICC World Chambers Federation, Paris. He served as President of several leading Business Associations and industry bodies of India, viz., Associated Chamber of Commerce & Industry of India (ASSOCHAM). Indian Merchants’ Chamber, International Chamber of Commerce (India Chapter), Travel Agents Association of India, Rotary Club of Bombay. He had worked on the Advisory Board of Foreign Banks.

Henrik Rodhe


Chief Justice Rothe is the President of the Maritime and Commercial Court and a routine mediator and arbitrator in business disputes. He was Secretary General of the Danish Law Society (1995-2009) and Adm. Director of the Lawyers Service Company (1995-2008). A judge in Slagelse (1989-1995), attorney and judge at the courts in Næstved, Korsør, Sorø and Eastern High Court (1978-1989), secretariat leader in the County Council of West Zealand (1975-1978) and Deputy Chief of the Government of West Zealand (1974-1975).

Dr. Charles Poncet


Charles Poncet is a Swiss lawyer and former Swiss MP specializing in international arbitration, commercial and contractual litigation, and white collar matters. He has been active in international arbitration for over twenty years, initially as secretary of several international arbitral tribunals and subsequently as arbitrator, chairman or counsel.

Mykola Selivon


Author of over 80 Scientific works, Mykola Selivon worked in various government positions and as a First Deputy Minister of the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine, Chairman of the Constitutional Court of Ukraine, Ambassador Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary of Ukraine in the Republic of Kazakhstan, President of the International Commercial Arbitration Court and the Maritime Arbitration Commission at the Ukrainian Chamber of Commerce and Industry.



He was appointed as a Member of the Order of Australia in January 2017.

Barrister-at-Law, Arbitrator, Mediator, Adjudicator and Court-Appointed Referee, Ian is recognised as one of Australia’s leading construction practitioners. With significant experience in all forms of dispute resolution, Ian is an accredited Mediator, Adjudicator, Expert Determiner and Grade 1 Arbitrator.

Dr. Marko Pavliha


Author and coauthor of 35 books and hundreds of scientific and other articles, papers and essays on transportation law, maritime law, law of the sea, insurance law, global ethic, philosophy, etc., Dr  Marko Pvlitha’s career spans a decorated list of political, academic and legal positions in Slovenia. He is one among the well known authors and proponents of ADR in Slovenia.

Prof. Tsisana Shamlikashvili


President of the National Organization of Mediators (NOM), academic chair of the Federal Institute of Mediation, founder of the Scientific and Methodological Center for Mediation and Law, Chair of the Subcommittee on ADR and Mediation in the Russian Association of Lawyers, founder, publisher and editor-in-chief of the magazine “Mediation and Law”, professor, head of Mediation Master’s Program at MSUPE.

DR. Shirani A. Bandaranayake


Appointed as the 43rd Chief Justice and the 1st female Chief Justice of the Republic on 17th May, 2011. The Chief Justice, as the Head of the Judiciary, is vested with the overall control of judicial administration and within the Supreme Court he holds the final authority in case allocation, Court management and general court administration. Appointed as the 1st female Judge of the Supreme Court in October 1996.

Dr. Udit Raj


Sitting Member of Parliament, India, Former IRS, Commissioner of Income Tax, the National Chairman of the All India Confederation of SC/ST Organizations. He is an influential leader for the Bharatiya Janata Party nationally in its national governing council.


Manish Tewari


Manish Tewari is an Indian politician, who was Union Minister of State (Independent charge), Minister of Information and Broadcasting and a Member of Parliament from Ludhiana. He is a lawyer by qualification and has practiced in the Supreme Court of India as well as the Delhi High Court.

Bhaskar Chatterjee


As the DG & CEO of the Indian Institute of Corporate Affairs (IICA), he spearheads the National Foundation for Corporate Social Responsibility (NFCSR). He has held many distinguished positions.In 2008-09, he was the Principal Adviser in the Planning Commission. He was part of the team responsible for shaping India’s response to the global economic crisis of 2009.


Yogendra P Trivedi


A senior advocate in Supreme Court of India, he was a member of the Rajya Sabha, the Council of States is the upper house of the Parliament of India. He holds important positions in various fields viz. economics, professional, political, commercial, education, medical, sports and social. He was the past President of the Indian Merchants’ Chamber and presently is a Member of the Managing Committee. He was on the Managing Committee of ASSOCHAM and the International Chamber of Commerce. He was the Hon’ Counsel of Republic of Ethiopia.

Dr. Lalit Bhasin


President, The Bar Association of India, Chairman, Chartered Institute of Arbitrators – India, Former Chairman, Delhi Bar Council (1973 – 1977), Former Chairman, Film Certification Appellate Tribunal, Awarded Doctor of Laws (LL. D.) Honoris Causa by Jaipur University in 2013 and Plaque of Honour by the Prime Minister of India in 2002 for outstanding contribution to the Rule of Law, In 2007, the President of India presented the National Law Day Award.


The finest, most credible dispute resolvers on earth – delivering  Justice through Quick and Controlled Dispute Resolution.

Executive Board, Governing Council, International Mediators

Executive Board, International Mediators, senior advocate

Executive Board, india advisory board, top law

International Mediators, Mediator

Why are we becoming so popular?

We Resolve your Disputes with the application of the most appropriate process and the best matching neutral dispute resolvers.

We bring painless Resolution to the disputes of individuals, industries and organizations around the world. 

The Finest and most credible Dispute Resolvers on earth are at your service to deliver party-centered justice through quick and controlled dispute resolution processes administered by FICM.

From online mediation conferences and arbitral hearings to face-to-face hearings at the most convenient centers chosen by the parties, we deliver success, as quickly and painlessly as possible.

Our services are delivered through a worldwide panel of independent Neutrals and global network of hearing venues that best meet the needs of disputing parties of all budgets, facilities and scale. We assist parties in the choice of most appropriate venue and seat of arbitration, the laws under which the process will take place, appointment of arbitrators, setting hearings, and providing information on myriad of integrated dispute resolution options.


Are you a Dispute Resolver?

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The FICM-MCN Practice Groups

Dispute Resolution in each industry sector needs unique approach and specialized resolvers who know the inside of the industry and business.


Manufacturing businesses increasingly operate on a global scale, dealing with suppliers, customers, end-users and distributors around the world. Where disputes span across multiple jurisdictions or international borders. Businesses need specialist expertise in order to prevent and achieve swift resolution, if disputes occur.

FICM-MCN helps dealing across multiple countries and ensures the interests of your business are protected and a positive outcome achieved.



Resolving marine disputes effectively is about understanding range of options available and how to use them – from mentioning it into contract drafts to finding solutions when there is no mention of the processes. Now you have the option to use the best of marine focused dispute resolution resources to find the resolution to most complex marine disputes.

Technology and Intellectual Property

Technology and Intellectual Property

Hundreds of contracts are concluded every day to ensure that the world’s ships keep trading. Given the volume of ships trading worldwide, the vast range of cargoes carried and the fluctuations of the market, shipping is an industry where disputes arise every day of the year.

Many shipping contracts provide for the resolution of disputes, in Court or arbitration, in different countries. FICM-MCN ecosystem gives a global coverage of resources to deal with all kinds of disputes very swiftly

Other Commercial Transactions

Other Commercial Transactions

As the international boundaries are blurring fast, toady every country’s economy is majorly impacted by its international transactions. As we change, the international systems and procedures along with access to resources is still not at pace with the change. FICM-MCN brings a new approach to dealing with disputes related to international commercial transactions.

Businesses can now be a part of the international ecosystem and bring a protective layer to prevent disputes in their transactions.

Oil, Gas, Power and Energy

Oil, Gas, Power and Energy

The Oil and Gas industry disputes involve issues like Boundary issues, Investments and Joint Operating disputes, Human Rights & Environmental issues, damages, pricing and Infrastructure Disputes

FICM-MCN global ecosystem and resources are vastly improving dispute resolution in the International Oil & Gas Business.

Construction & Engineering

Construction & Engineering

In international infrastructure projects – where quite often one party is local and the other is international – contracting parties need the institution that takes care of the interests of all the parties coming from various countries. From dispute resolution contract clauses to the prevention and management of disputes, FICM-MCN brings creative solutions to each and every unique situation.

International Trade and Investment

International Trade and Investment

International trade and investment dispute resolution needs a rapid change in the ways and means. It is crucial that practitioners are aware of the complex international legal elements involved in the resolution of investment and trade disputes. The FICM-MCN ecosystem does not limit the resources to one or many professionals and brings the latest and best minds, thoughts and practices from its global network and ecosystem.

Financial Institutions, Insurance and Securities

Financial Institutions, Insurance and Securities

International Financing encompasses a broad scope of transactions where the parties and/or assets are located in several countries, including bilateral and syndicated lending transactions (secured and unsecured), asset finance, project finance and trade finance. Parties to international financial transactions have, subject to limited exceptions like Arbitration.

Using FICM-MCN Institutional ecosystem to Resolve International Financing Disputes is painless and quick.

Mining, Resources and Commodities

Mining, Resources and Commodities

Whether a dispute is to be determined under the statutory and regulatory regime governing mining activities or companies in a specific jurisdiction, or deals with the commercial rights and interests of parties under contracts, investment treaties or mining stability agreements, parties can rely on the FICM-MCN institutional framework to find resources and solutions for quick resolution. Our Panel of experts, Neutrals and Counsel from a cross section of platforms, law firms and government bodies are what parties do not get anywhere else.

Health Care, Life Sciences and Pharmaceuticals

Health Care, Life Sciences and Pharmaceuticals

FICM-MCN global ecosystem brings a comprehensive array of resources, mechanisms and talent to prevent and manage disputes in the healthcare and life sciences sectors.

Established understanding of this sector and our network counsel and Neutrals attempt quick resolutions.



Competition, deregulation and the technological revolution continue to change the way the telecommunication sector functions. Old business models and commercial arrangements are being abandoned or bypassed while new ones emerge. The ITU/World Bank study indicates that: “Disputes can be enormously destructive to the sector and effective dispute resolution is increasingly central to successful deployment of modern information infrastructure.

FICM-MCN ecosystem is built to take care of these dynamic changes all the time.


Choose one of our many award winning dispute resolution offerings that meet your needs.
File for International Arbitration

Arbitration under the FICM-MCN Rules is administered by the Federation of Integrated Conflict Management (FICM), a body independent, continuously developing and managing the WORLD ECOSYSTEM OF DISPUTE MANAGEMENT.

Appoint the finest Arbitrators and dispute resolvers (Not Essentially, only the Popular) for their expertise in the particular industry or dispute and their track record for quick resolutions. (Resolutions not arbitral awards in legal parlance)

Appoint a Neutral


Appoint the finest Arbitrators and dispute resolvers for their expertise in the particular industry or dispute and their track record for quick resolutions. By far we are becoming the largest pool of Neutrals to help resolve disputes in almost any area of Law or any geographic location. From Negotiators to Arbitrators and Complaint Administrators to Ombudsmen, The MCN distinguished Neutrals come from virtually every walk of life, making it the only diverse resource of real expert talent.

File for a Commercial Mediation

Basis MCN Rules, Commercial Mediation is a very flexible means of dispute resolution that is particularly suitable for international and cross-cultural disputes of all sizes and where the parties in dispute hope to preserve, or to renew, their commercial relationships. The modern and adaptable Rules of Commercial Mediation encourage parties to find an amicable solution to their dispute with the assistance of a qualified neutral, either using evaluative mediation (conciliation) or interest-focused mediation.  The FICM Rules of Commercial Mediation suggest ways of combining mediation with arbitration.

Online Dispute Resolution

FICM-MCN offers an integrated online managed system for mediation, arbitration dispute settlement management. Participants in dispute resolution now expect to have the ability to move their resolution forward on any day, at any time. Participants expect to be able to securely upload documents, make proposals, discuss issues and develop settlement documents online.

Request Proposal for Dispute System Design

We design and implement systems for the prevention, de-escalation, control and early resolution of disputes. Our services are offered to large corporations to anticipate, prevent, manage and resolve disputes. FICM-MCN develops creative ADR programs to help solve challenges specific to industry and target groups.

Appoint an Organizational Ombuds

Sign-up with an Ombuds office for your consumer or employee disputes. This service is presently available in India and few other countries. To know more about the Ombuds Office, please contact us at


If prevention or Quick Resolution of Dispute is your concern. You can choose one of the option below to join the Ecosystem of Dispute Prevention and Resolution.


If you are a business having international transactions. To prevent disputes and to facilitate & expedite dispute resolution, by using the FICM Rules and Dispute Resolution Clauses in all your contracts and refer your disputes to the FICM International Arbitration and/or to the MCN Commercial Mediation or MedArbitration

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The Dispute Processes


FICM-MCN Rules and Clauses

Get FICM Rules and draft agreement with our free expert support on Dispute Resolution Clauses.

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