Suman Arora, Initiator and Co-founder

Suman Arora, Initiator and Co-founder

As a Distinguished Credentialed Mediator, Ms. Suman Arora is the initiator and co-founder of the Mediation and Conciliation Network.

Known as one of the finest mediator, facilitator and conflict resolution experts in India, she leads India’s first wave of highly skilled and scientific approach of alternative dispute resolution in India, honed during her more than 25 years of experience mediating various disagreements.

Suman is Passionate about Fairness, Justice and giving everyone a voice.

She is a creative and innovative leader, and brings that creativity and leadership to her mediations. Her ability to identify the cultural, social and emotional barriers during the mediation process and to work within the human expectations has allowed her to facilitate settlements that would otherwise not have occurred.

Ms.Suman Arora supplements her in-born mediation skills with the personal study of Dr. Edward de Bono’s theories and publications involving the human brain as a self-organizing information system.  Ms.Suman Arora is particularly interested in applying Dr. de Bono’s theories in facilitating the design of creative settlement solutions when the self-organizing function of the brain impedes communication and the ability to perceive meaning beyond those patterns established by a person’s prior experience.

Contributing to her community is an important aspect of Ms. Suman Arora’s work ethic. 

While representing clients before the courts, Suman witnessed firsthand emotional stress, anxiety, social and financial pressures exerted by the judicial system. In an effort to source a better and fairer system of resolution for her clients, Suman began her deep study about mediation to resolve conflicts. Suman loves the self-determination that mediation gives to the parties and that a solution can be created with much less pain and significantly less time and cost. Suman finds mediation highly satisfying and rewarding work as most clients are much happier with the outcomes and positive effects on the clients can be immediate and immense.

As a mediator, Suman is calm, communicative, respectful, empathetic, and good listener. She is also motivated, creative, a lateral thinker, trouble shooter and apt at finding alternative solutions to most complex disputes. A background as an entrepreneur and social cause advocate provides her the knack of settling nerves and resolving complex emotional and social issues.

Having a Law Degree and a Masters in Physics, Ms.Suman Arora is also a practicing Advocate at the Delhi High Court. Prior to obtaining her law degree, Ms.Suman Arora was actively involved in business and she has successfully resolved many complex disputes of families, businesses and communities over the years. Besides initiating and co-founding the Mediation and Conciliation Network, she successfully runs her law practice and contributes significantly towards social cause.

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