Vishal Shekhar

Vishal Shekhar

Vishal Shekhar

Director of Fincun Private Limited, a Financial Planning and Advisory Organisation, Vishal is proactive, focused and a committed professional, capable of conceptualising, introducing and integrating innovative strategies, to maximise performance and productivity.

In his three decades of professional experience he has handled various functional areas of Management with success.

He has also been a negotiator in several conflicts between management and employees at workplace. Facilitated and mediated cases of negligence, property feud, matrimonial dispute and distribution of estate in cases of Intestacy. Having a deep understanding of IBC- 2016 and related Laws, he advises on issues, though informally, pertaining to Insolvency Resolution of Corporate Persons.

As a Mediator, Vishal has served as a neutral party and provided voluntary and informal, yet confidential, platform through which two or more parties to a conflict could exchange information and ideas in order to discuss options and negotiate terms for resolving their problems. He believes this to be a very effective way to diffuse stressful and difficult situations, while avoiding the burdens and the exorbitant expenses of litigation.

His philosophy regarding disputes is that it doesn’t belong in court and that no one knows your problems as well as you do, and only you have the solutions to all those problems. Yes…you might need someone’s help finding the solutions.

Mediation, Negotiation and Conciliation is a process, wherein no one loses and no one is judged. They provide a structured, semi-formal, and orderly way for people to find agreement. Allowing honest, effective and direct communication yields better results and can improve communication and understanding going forward.


Insolvency and Bankruptcy, Construction and Engineering, Corporate and Commercial, Employment, Mediation, Banking and Finance.

Bankruptcy, Construction and Engineering, Corporate and Commercial, Employment, Mediation

IBLP: Indian Institute of Corporate Affairs
PPM: Indian Institute of Technology

Bachelor of Engineering
Business and Corporate Law
Insolvency and Bankruptcy Laws
Master of Business Administration

Bhojpuri, English, Hindi
R. Nagar, Road 6C,

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Vishal Shekhar