Steve Lancken

Steve Lancken

Steve Lancken

Since 1999 I have specialized in arbitration, mediation and negotiation. In 2011I engaged in advanced study in Peace and Conflict Studies at Sydney University. Various appointments to arbitral and mediation panels over 16 years have allowed me to develop high level determinative and facilitative skills and attest to my integrity in conducting such processes. I am a highly experienced facilitator of processes such as conferences, mediation and group decision making with a special interest in people who have been or are in conflict situations.My practice and teaching focusses on effective communication and decision making, alternative justice and dispute resolution methods. I teach, consult and practice in all areas of conflict management and systems design. Over the last four years I have been teaching a course called Conflict in Organisations to postgraduate students at SydneyUniversity as a Visiting Scholar.Areas of legal specialty include insurance, insolvency, major commercial disputes, medical and other professional responsibility, banking, property, legal costing, personal injury and worker’s compensation.

Relevant Experience

Lawyer then Partner 1982 – 1999
Owen Hodge Lawyers

  • Specialising in injury and insurance for plaintiffs and then acted for corporate defendants in insurance and banking and finance litigation
  • Clients included insurers, banks and insolvency practitioners
  • Senior partner 1995 to 1999
  • Retired from partnership to pursue career in ADR

Costs Assessor 1994 – present
Supreme Court of NSW

Board Member then Chair
St George Community Housing Co-Op Limited 1998 – 2002

BoardMember 1993 – 1998
Hurstville Board of Governors

Consultant Mediator and Arbitrator 1999 – present

Australian Principal 2002 – 2012
The Trillium Group
This organisation offers conflict consulting and skills training in mediation and other ADR processes. The company operates throughout the world

Councilor 2002
Law Society of NSW

Arbitrator and Mediator 2002 – present
Workers Compensation Commission

Adjunct Lecturer in Conflict Management 2003 – present
AGSM and University of NSW and Program Director Executive Programs

Board Member 2005 – 2008
Cumberland Housing Co-Operative Limited

Councillor 2008 – 2013
National ADR Advisory Council
Appointed by the Attorney General of Australia

Visiting Scholar, MPACS 2011 – present
Sydney University
ADR and Conflict in Organisations

Volunteer 2011 – present
Indigenous Community Volunteers

Managing Director 2012 – present
Negocio Resolutions

Volunteer 2013 – present
Mediators Beyond Borders

Voluntas 2015– present
Volunteer Mediation in the volunteer sector

Banking and Financial Services, Health Care, Insurance and Reinsurance, Intellectual Property

Australian and New Zealand Sports Law Association (ANZSLA)
Corporate Lawyers Association
Insolvency Practitioners Association of Australia
Law Society of NSW and St George and Sutherland Law Society
Litigation Law and Practice Committee, Law Society of NSW
Dispute Resolution Committee, Law Society of NSW (2000 to 2005)
Mediation Group, Hong Kong International Arbitration Centre

Associate Member:
Institute of Arbitrators and Mediators Australia
Chartered Institute of Arbitrators

Australian Institute of Company Directors
Resolution Institute

Bachelor of Laws and Bachelor of Arts 1981 University of NSW
Master Peace and Conflict Studies 2011 University of Sydney 2011
Accredited Specialist: Mediation & Commercial Litigation Law Society of NSW
Arbitrator and Accredited Mediator NMAS
Accredited Mediator ACDC/LEADR/Retail Tenancy Unit/Workers Compensation Commission/RICS/ArtsLaw
Accredited Mediator Hong Kong International Arbitration Centre
Mediator Law Society of New South Wales

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