Martin Yodaiken

Martin Yodaiken

Martin Yodaiken

Martin Yodaiken is a clinical psychologist with specialist international training in mediation (both commercial and family) and negotiation. He has worked extensively with the legal profession both assisting parties to resolve disputes as well as assisting in developing strategies for negotiations to avoid litigation.

Martin has primarily been involved in family law matters, labour disputes, building disputes and contractual disputes involving business partnerships.

He has a particular interest in the narratives and discourses behind disputes then looks to finding practical ways to assist disputants to understand the conflict and to move towards practical resolution.

On the family law side Martin introduced Parental Coordination into South Africa in 2001 and was the first Parental Coordinator to be recognised by the Courts.

Corporate and Commercial, Mediation

Family Mediators Association of the Cape
African Centre for Dispute Settlement

University of the Witwatersrand, Johannesburg
M.A. (Clin. Psychology)(Wits)
University of Cape Town
P.G. Dip in Law (Arbit. &Concil.)(UCT)
University of Stellenbosch
P.G. Dip. (Dispute Settlement)(USB)

12 Campground Road, Rosebank,
Cape Town