Joanne Law

Joanne Law

Joanne Law

I am on a mission to prevent family violence and workplace abuse. I train dispute resolution professionals, support them in their careers, run and deliver services for a not-for-profit helping people to resolve problems and disputes before they escalate into entrenched conflict and violence.

My approach is to empower people with information, education and skills training and provide respectful dispute resolution services that encourage client self-determination.


Interact Support Incorporated – Co-Founder and Dispute Resolution Practitioner Founded 2015 CEO and program manager working to prevent family violence by resolving disputes through information, education and mediation.

Mediation Institute – Director and Mentor Established 2013 Director, course developer and lead trainer for training in Mediation and Family Dispute Resolution. Coordinator and Mentor for Mediation Institute Members. Supervising FDR Practitioner for students.

Previous Relevant Roles

Principle mediator for Medi8, law firm consultant (behaviour change courses and client support), General Manager of LEAN Rt offering experiential learning in lean process improvement. Business owner providing life and business NLP coaching and corporate training through Impact Pacific. High performer in sales and customer service roles.


Coordinator – Australian Mediation Awareness Week #AuMAW from 2016

TEDx Event Hosting and Curation – TEDxBirrarungMarr, curator TEDxCasey, attendee TEDFest NY 2017

Consultant – Tiny House in My Backyard (THIMBY) homeless older women’s housing project.


  • Mediation – workplace, relationship and family
  • Coaching – post-separation parenting (New Ways for Families), life change and professional practice establishment mentoring
  • Training – mediation training, eLearning course development and instructional design consulting


Accredited Family Dispute Resolution Practitioner and Graduate Diploma of Family Dispute Resolution
Accredited NMAS Mediator
Diploma of Competitive Systems and Practices (lean)
Certificate IV in Training and Assessment and winner of the 2014 eLearning excellence award for Vocational Training
Licensed and Certified New Ways Coach (High Conflict Institute)
Certified Life and Business Coach
Certified Neuro-Linguistic Programming Master Practitioner

Cranbourne East