Hon. Marie Danielle Selvon

Hon. Marie Danielle Selvon

Hon. Marie Danielle Selvon
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Marie Danielle Selvon holds two law degrees from the UK and Australia respectively; an Advanced Diploma from the UK in psychology equivalent to a Bachelor degree; teaching qualifications plus experience in Canada; a Diploma in Sales in Marketing Management (UK). Her qualifications in law consist of a post-graduate diploma in law, the Common Professional Examination (CPE) which is the completion of academic training to start bar vocational training, from Northumbria University in the UK; and a Graduate Diploma in Legal Practice (GDLP), from the Australian National University.

She was awarded a title of Doctor of Jurisprudence by the NMWD International University, a religious institution in South Africa, based on a thesis entitled “Theological jurisprudence as a key contributor to the quest for world peace.”

She has worked previously as a school teacher for the New South Wales Department of Education in Australia; then the Glenmary School, part of the Holy Family Catholic Regional Division in Peace River, Alberta, Canada; and later as a staff member of the Community Crisis Centre of Strathmore for victims of family violence in Strathmore, Alberta. She then moved to China for two years to work as a foreign expert in education at the South Korean International School in Wuxi City.

In Mauritius, she has worked as adviser to the Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Economic Development and consultant for the multinational IT company Superdist, based in France.

She is married to Sydney Selvon, a former chief editor and ambassador to Australia, and they have three children.

Mrs Selvon’sautobiography was published in Paris in January 2018 relating her rise from absolute poverty, from which she escaped by sheer will and educational excellence, as well as her political action which focuses on her continuing fight against poverty and against corruption and abuse of political power.

She has represented Mauritius in the Panafrican Parliament in Johannesburg, South Africa, and, as such, has worked as Electoral Adviser of the African Union at general elections in ìvory Coast.

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