Eng. Jamal Chaykhouni

Eng. Jamal Chaykhouni

Eng. Jamal Chaykhouni

CEO/Chairman of AlMarsat Project Development (APD) based in the UAE since early 2013, a world proficient in Project Management, Feasibility & Concept Design in landmark projects, ADR & International Arbitration, Certified Contract & Real Estate Evaluation, a Construction & Real Estate Expert Witness, a Claim Preparation & delay dispute Analyst, Contract &  roject Claim Management and Dispute Resolution, a Certified Adjudicator from KLRCA and Arbitrator from the Permanent Courts of Arbitration & Court of Justice in the Hague, President founder of Canada Quality Expert CQE since 2005.

A Certified Adjudicator no 0455 from Malaysian KLRCA ,a Certified Construction & Real Estate Arbitrator & Expert at Dubai Courts no 0066 & Ministry Of Justice Engineering Expert no 0463. A Certified Arbitrator from Grotius Centre for International Legal Studies at Leiden University and the Permanent Court of Arbitration , The Hague , The Netherlands.

Over 32 years of success as a Civil Engineer in Transport, Land, Sea Ports & Airports expertise , a Chartered Arbitrator, a Construction & Real Estate Valuer from the Dubai Real Estate Institute and an Engineer Expert in Dubai and UAE Federal Court in Construction and Real Estate Disputes with over 700 cases since 2006, an Active Arbitrator and Member of DIAC- IFC with over 35 cases as an Arbitrator, an Active Participant in International Conferences and Events in Arbitration, Real Estate & Infrastructure Engineer Experts. Airport Engineer Expert with ICAO www.icao.int since 2003 & DIAC www.diac.ae since 2005.

An Active Member and Arbitrator in Arbitration Centers in Europe, Asia and Africa such as an Associate Member and Arbitrator with CIArb, United Kingdom, ICC-Paris & AFA Association Française d’Arbitrage, ICCA, ASA Association Suisse de l’Arbitrage Geneva, VIAC Vienna and Arb/Aut Austria In Europe , HKIAC of Hong Kong , IAC International Arbitration Court and Atamekeh in Kazakhstan Arbitration , BANI Arbitration Centre Badan Arbitrase Nasional Indonesia, KlrcA Kuala Lumpur Regional Centre for Arbitration & THAC Thailand Arbitration center ,BIAC Beijing International Arbitration Center in China, a Fellow of AOA Association of Arbitrators in Southern Africa, LCA Lagos Court of Arbitration, KIAC Kigali International Arbitration Centre & Mauritius Arbitration centers in Africa. However familiar with Civil, Common & Sharia laws Jurisdictions (in English or Arabic) for Commercial, Construction or Real Estate Disputes. Furthermore, also an Arbitrator and Member of EMAC Emirates Maritime Arbitration Centre and SCMA Singapore Chamber of Maritime Arbitration.

Professional Objective

To share over 32 years of knowledge & experience of World Landmark Construction & Real Estate Projects as an Expert, Adjudicator & Dispute Resolution, Mediator, ADR & Arbitrator with best practices compliance to World State of art standards.

Professional Experience

Securing projects success at all stages; concluded mega size Projects checklists and standards compliance & Governance of world’s largest Seaport of Jebel Ali &Dubai Airports, Mix use Shopping Malls & Projects; Procurements & Pre-qualifications: prior start construction have the right team with professional & qualified caliber for Airport Projects development at Dubai Duty Free 1988 to 2005. At Training Level: Conducted over 1000+ inductions & training development for the following Topics Construction on Operational & Maintenance manuals to prevent short maintenance, Quality Environment & Safety issues in addition to contracts Dispute Avoidance and Arbitration Workshops with world top speakers Professors. During construction: have a professional Audit & Reliable reports to evaluate Construction progress at as Adjudicator level to FIDIC contracts conditions sharing over 30yrs experience from Dubai landmark projects including DXB Airport. At Dispute Resolution Stage: as Engineering Court Expert, Appointed International Arbitrator for Construction Evaluation & Real Estate Development values (Registered in Dubai for Asia-Africa Region registered Associate Expert, Mediator & Arbitrator with over 30 Regional & International Arbitration Centers to list few ;DIAC, HKIAC, BIAC,BANI, KLRCA , THIAC,AFA, ASA, Ajman Arbitration Center ICCA,ICC ,CIArb UK , DIFC, Ontario-Canada ( North America), South Africa, ICRAA,TAHKEEM, RAK-RAC, ADCCAC,SOE-UAE.

www.lacasa.ae (an Associate)Corporate Chief Executive of Operations (April 2008-2013)for LACASA in Asia & Africa since Jan 2010 in addition to c. LACASA Contracts (as Legal Litigation Leader) for LACASA Resolutions preventing litigations & reaching amicable settlements /contracts endorsements Obtaining overdue 60Millions payments from clients during Financial Real Estate crises achieving ; LACASA Expansion(as Chief Executive) into MENA Region (Libya, Sudan, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, UAE & African states).Sr. Projects Director since April 2008- Jan 2010; Leading until S 2010 projects supervision for over 30 running projects in Dubai ( total Value over US$20 Billions) and a team of 80 Resident & Site Engineers as Architects & Civil Engineers, reporting performance to Managing Partners achieving; Many Clients Awards &LACASA MIS Certifications (as QEHS Leader &strategy /Training Leader ) to ISO 9001, 14001&18001.

www.tatweerdubai.com Directors’ of Projects May 07-Feb 08: Leading multi hundreds Billion USD. www.dubailand.ae as a Developer of Leisure & Hospitality Projects /Theme Parks Destination; Bawadi Universal Studios, DreamWorks, Global Village &Tiger-Woods Reporting to SVP with an advisory Role to 9 CEO’s, in addition of auditing the progress on 24 investors projects (suspended 2008 RE crises).

www.dutco.com Projects/QEHS Manager (May 89-May 07) www.balfourbeatty.com (Annual turnover for 07 over US$600 Million) Duties& Achievements;

  • Business development leader with innovative business proposals & opportunities assessments in MENA Region.
  • Group Representative to DUBAI Airport Authorities for various challenging projects since 1989,
  • Group Leader Expert on Pavement Evaluation (Concrete & Asphalt since 1991)
  • Group Leader for Integrated Management Systems to International Standards Organizations.
  • Development Manager for Project Collaborations, to E-Document solutions& Intranet /web applications.
  • Appointed Consultant by Emirates Aviation Services Board http://www.emiratesaviationservices.com.
  • Team Director Design/Editor since 1999-2007 www.dutco.com ,Group Video Films &Newsletters.
  • Lead Trainer /Auditor for over 20,000 staff for the Group of companies on QEHS & Business excellence since 2000.
  • General Coordinator for the Consortium for the Proposed Packages of power Station G & Dubai Metro Project in 04.
  • Oct 06-Jan 07: QA/QC Manager www.ccc.gr & www.dbbcg.com JV, leading 198 QA/QC Engineers & report project’s deliverables/close-out progress to www.emaar.ae over world’s largest www.thedubaimall.com.
  • Jun 04-Nov 06: QA/QC Manager CCC-DBB JV for the construction of Dubai Royal Air Wing facilities reporting to www.dubaiairport.com project Interfacing with US$4,500 Million Airport Expansion projects.
  • Jun 03- Jun 04: Project Director /client Representative floating Restaurant www.jebelaliinternational.com delivering the project with 50% Time saving of & 30% cost Savings over www.bateauxparisiens.com/.
  • Jan 98-Dec 06: Client Representative for www.emiratesaviationservices.com on the design &Project manager with over 30% Saving from original feasibility studies of the Jebel Ali Executive Airport.
  • Aug 96-Dec 97:Chief Engineer for the Design &Build of the Airport New Duty Free offices, www.dubaidutyfree.com Warehouses & the Dubai Air- show ’97 at www.dubaiairport.com
  • Jun 93-Aug 96:Projects Manager Estimating& progress report to final Handovers at Dubai Ports, and Airport , highways, Marine works, www.mydsf.com & www.dubaiairshow.aero infrastructure.
  • May89-Mar 94:Project Engineer/Chief Engineer for the construction of www.dubaidutyfree.com , MINHAD Airbase, AlMaktoum Bridges, the development of www.jumeirah.com & Jebel Ali Marine works/Substructure of www.jebelaliinternational.com.
  • Rehabilitation works of www.worldportsource.com/ports/ARE_Port_of_Jebel_Ali , Sheikh Mohamed Island & Shindaga underwater Tunnel Rehabilitation works.

1984 until 1989 > J & P Overseas LTD.>www.jnp-group.com (Ranked no.5 Contractors worldwide 84)

  • Sep 88-May 89 Deputy Project Manager for Roadwork project for the town of SOHAR-OMAN.
  • Feb 86-Sep 88 Project Engineer for Aerodrome Pavements &Roads @ AlDhafra Airbase-UAE.
  • Jul 84 -Feb 86 Project Engineer for the construction of Nicosia-Limassol Highway. Cyprus.

Other Consultations/International Experts Missions since 2000 till Today>;

International Civil Aviation Organization> Consultant on Missions 2001 until -present.

For Mezzeh Airport in Damascus Syria; feasibilities studies, development of a master plan &Civil design works, including the Aerodrome & Budget investment development 2003-2005.
For Middle East Region; Airport Developments and master business feasibilities in Middle East.
For PIARCO Int. Airport Runway improvements in Trinidad and Tobago West Indies 2005-2006.
For UN &WFP 15 Airports &Airstrips Master plan &Rehabilitation Programs– Sudan-Africa 2008.
For MINURCAT 6 Airports Evaluations in Central Africa –Chad 2008-2009.
Review of Regional Airports Cities Master plans in Doha Qatar Airport 2011.
Cairo International Airport Evaluation of Aerodrome -Code F new Runway & Rehab plans Nov 2013.

Dubai International Arbitration/ Expert www.diac.ae & www.dubaicourts.gov.ae & Ministry of Justice

  • International Arbitrator listed with ICCA, DIAC, DIFC, Tahkeem , ICRAA and many international Arbitration Tribunal to resolve disputes & conflicts for various construction contracts cases.
  • Registered Expert – Arbitrator (no.66) at Dubai Courts with over 550+ cases.
  • Received an Award & Appreciation from Dubai courts dispute resolution ADR Expert of 2015.
  • Registered Expert in Construction & Real Estate Disputes in Abu Dhabi Judicial & UAE Courts.


Real estate international expert ( CIPS ) and real estate evaluation ( MENARES )
Founder of The International Experts Network in engineering consults (CQE) in Canada.
Engineer Expert in the International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO), Montreal, Canada.

Registered as an Arbitrator and Engineering Expert in the following international and regional centers:

  • Dubai Courts and Ministry of Justice +7 Centers of conciliation and commercial arbitration in UAE.
  • Islamic Center of Conciliation and International Arbitration.
  • International Arbitration Centers in ICC-Paris, Hong Kong, South Africa, Japan and British CIArb.

Registered member in the followings:

  • American Engineers Society & Canadian Engineers Club.
  • Emirates Engineers Society, Dubai Quality Group & Emirates Environment Society.

Other Certifications, Skills and Membership

Evidences of Exceptional Academic Achievements

  • Harvard University Model U. N, (College Ambassador www.harvardmun.org),M.A – USA (1985)
  • City University Dean’s list with 98% GPA in postgraduate studies on IMS & M.L MBA programs.
  • Evidences of Achieving outstanding Business Leadership Excellence Model;
  • Quality www.dqa.ae Committee 95-03 Awarding www.enoc.com, www.caltex.com&www.dubal.ae.
  • DSF 96 H.H Sheikh Ahmed Appreciation EEG www.eeg-uae.org active member since 98.
  • Sheikh Mohammed Bin Rashid AlMaktoum Award for Business Excellence March 07.
  • Member of International Commercial Arbitrations ICCA.
  • Certified Lead Auditor for ISO Quality 9001, 14001 Environment &OHSAS18001 (95-07).
  • Certified Security advanced UN & UN Security certifications Dec07-Jan08.
  • Business Excellence Model & Step-up your Service by Dubai Holdings (May07-Apr08).
  • Dubai Quality Award Assessor for 2003 and Dubai Arbitration Center Civil since 2004.
  • Airport Pavement Design Gulf Conference Guest November 2004 (Honorary Guest).
  • Hospitality& Hotels Management Diploma 91 ISC-USA.
  • Languages Skills: Fluent in Arabic, English, French, and fair knowledge in Spanish &German.
  • Computer Skills: Internet, Intranet & IT strategic solutions on Integrated Management Systems.
  • Member of Engineering, International Arbitration ICCA, DIAC, Strategic Consultants, EHSQ Elite, International Airports, UNDP, UNEP, Executive Suits, Quality Experts, & Scuba Divers Networks.
  • U.S Society of Engineers ID # 233382 since 85 and Ontario P. E Registration 98.
  • Project Management Institute Member # 78961 since 95 & ISO Organization member since 01.
  • International Airports Association Executives Member # 096089 since 98.

Professional References for Achievements /Recommendation & Appreciation letters;

  • Personal International References/contacts; www.dutco.com Dutco Group Board Director .
  • www.diac.ae Dubai International Arbitration Centre Director.
  • www.nobelis.com NOBELIS Singapore–ASIA CEO SAMI Midani sami.midani@nobelis.com
  • www.macau-airport.com ICAO Aerodrome world Expert Norman Tailffler.n.taillefer@vif.com

Available Recommendation & Appreciation Letters;

  • In Construction :J& P www.jnp-group.com . Mott M www.mottmac.com& DUTCO www.dutco.com
  • In Civil Aviation ;Dubai Civil Aviation’s President, Director of Engineering & Operations.
  • In ADR Engineering Expert for Dubai Courts 2015.+ letters from Dr AlTalhuni DIAC Founder.

Research studies, feasibility proposals and Successful Design consultancy works;

  • Design Develop of Concord Airport www.ci.concord.nh.us to F.A.A Regulations. 85.
  • Research, Design and Realization of Emirates Aviation Services to ICAO Regulations 98.
  • Feasibility, Design Master plan of the New Jebel Ali Executive Airport to ICAO Nov 02.
  • ICAO Consultant for Middle East Airports 04, Jebel Ali World Airport 05 & West Indies 06.
  • Research, Review& translate FIDIC 99 and UAE laws 04 English to Arabic.

Publications in Professional Associations & Magazines;

  • Denver International Airport www.designcommunity.com FIDIC 1999 Translation.
  • Project Collaboration May 2004 http://www.dqg.org/qquill/may04
  • The importance of International Standardizations Jul-04www.dqg.org/qquill/jul04/JUL/dutco/article.doc
  • Quality on Mega size project February 2005 www.dqg.org/qquill/feb05/feb/dbbg/article.pdf .
  • Total Project Management Systems www.totalpms.com/admin/users.asp
  • Why Projects Close-out requires best Skills? www.dqe.ae/AD/QPCQ.pdf
  • FIDIC (1999) & UAE Laws (June 2004) copy right translation.

Publications in Professional Associations & Magazines

FIDIC (1999) & UAE Law (Jun 2004) copy right translation &.published articles :
When ADR & Arbitration in Islam and Middle East becomes successfull ? https://www.linkedin.com/pulse/when-adr-arbitration-islam-middle-east-becomes-jamal-chaykhouni?trk=mp-reader-card Success of Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR)
https://www.linkedin.com/pulse/success-alternative-dispute-resolution-adr-jamal-chaykhouni?trk=mp-reader-card Success of ADR requiers Technical Knowledge
https://www.linkedin.com/pulse/success-adr-requires-technical-knowledge-jamal-chaykhouni?trk=mp-reader-card ADR& Arbitration in Middle East, a Story to share

V-Other Interests: Scuba Diving & Swimming, Tri-Lingual Attending Annually Tens of International conferences ICC , ICCA & ADR in Construction ,Real Estate, Oil & Gas, Maritime , Space & Environment.

Practice Areas: Construction and Engineering, Intellectual Property, International Arbitration, M&A Disputes, Mediation, Real Estate

32 years

Affiliations and Certifications:

Certified International Property Specialist CIPS Expert & Real Estate Valuation Certified MENARES.
Member of International Commercial Arbitrations ICCA.
Languages Skills: Fluent in Arabic, English, French, and fair knowledge in Spanish &German.
Computer Skills: Internet, & IT strategic solutions on Integrated Management Systems.
International Civil Aviation Organization www.icao.int Expert Consultant on Missions 2001-2015.
Dubai Real Estate Institute Valuers no.CTV-230217-78250


MIS MBA Civil Engineering
MBA Degree with Distinction (Dean List), CITY UNIVERSITY – USA, (1998-2001)
MIS Degree (GPA 3.97/4) Dean List , Washington – USA (2000)
Bachelor Degree of Science in Civil Engineering (Airport Design), N.H – USA (1985).
In Progress LLM Master of Laws in Dispute Resolution from University of Aberdeen-UK 2018.

Language/s: English
Address: P.O.Box 357620
City: Dubai

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