Edward Krauss

Edward Krauss

Edward Krauss

Mediating: Financial disputes; contracts, land/economic develoment, insurance. Also personnel, employment, EEO disputes. My mediation experience covers over twenty-one years, well over two thousand hours of at-the-table experience.


Mediations provided for the United States Postal Service for over eighteen years, approximately one hundred seventy cases. Issues mediated: Family and Medical Leave Act (FMLA); Age Discrimination in Employment Act (ADEA). Mediations for charges of discrimination under the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission regulations (EEOC).

Personnel disputes outside of EEO issues have also been mediated. These include complaints about supervision style, problems with team building, lack of promotion, lack of opportunity to earn overtime, letters of discipline, termination. These services were provided for numerous courts, cities, counties, and state departments and agencies. Total employment mediations provided: approximately two hundred twenty cases.


My experience includes mediating disputes involving the following: investments, taxes, property, landlord/tenant, real estate broker/agent, real estate agent/client, land use, historical preservation, economic development, foreclosures, credit issues, loan agreements, property valuation.

When mediating a dispute I charge only for time at the table. There is no charge for phone calls or emails concerning mediation. If I draft an agreement for the parties to approve there is no charge for writing and sending it to the parties to review and eventually approve. Again, my fee – $240.00 per hour – is charged only for time at the table.

I am a facilitative mediator. I don’t try to steer the conversation or process in any direction, nor do I offer opinions on who might be right or what the best choices might be. Rather, I facilitate a mutual search for the best available answer that both sides can agree on. I am the optimist in the room. I know that the mediation process can work for the parties in a dispute if they give it a chance, even if they do so reluctantly.

Banking and Financial Services, Employment, Insurance and Reinsurance, Mediation

21 years