Dr. Klaus U. Beck

Dr. Klaus U. Beck

Dr. Klaus U. Beck

Lawyer specialized in international and cross border dispute resolution and business transactions with knowledge of German, EU and international business law as well as of the fundamentals of Chinese law. His main focus lies in the European and Chinese market. His main areas of practice include general contract law, agency and distribution, sales, joint ventures as well as other kinds of foreign investment.

Professional experience

  • Since 2015 Freiburg, Germany. Certified mediator, head of Regional Group of Integrated Mediation Association.
  • Since 2013 Freiburg, Germany. Attorney at law with focus on cross border disputes and business transactions (www.beckadvo.com).
  • Oct. 2009 – Oct. 2012 Waldshut-Tiengen, Germany. Law clerk atthe district court.
  • Feb. 2007 – Apr. 2007 Beijing, PR China. Research assistant at the German Embassy. Human rights and legal policy.
  • Jan. 2004 – Dec. 2006 Beijing, PR China. Country director of the “Heinrich Boell Foundation”. Responsible for the establishment of office infrastructure and networks, finance, personnel, project management, dialogues, delegations, analysis and research.
  • Jan. 2002 – Dec. 2003 Kunming, PR China. Project manager at “Kunming Yihua Int. Co., Ltd.”; official representative of the provincial government. In charge of foreign affairs, international cooperation projects in trade and research. From
  • 2003 also legal adviser for the local law firm “Oupai”, specializing in civil-, corporate and international corporate law.
  • Feb. 2001 – Jan. 2002 Kunming, PR China. Guest lecturer at Yunnan Kunming University.


  • „Konfliktmanagement im internationalen Rechtsverkehr“, edited by Johannes Landbrecht and Simon Gabriel. Staempfli Publishing House, Bern, Switzerland; Nomos Publishing House, Baden-Baden, Germany; NWV Publishing House, Vienna, Austria; 2017. Chapter8 on China (People’s Republic, Hong Kong and Taiwan).
  • „Gütestellen und Verbraucherschlichtung“, speech in Cologne on28 November 2015.
  • „TMall oder JD.com: Der Internethandel in China“, articlein 21China, published at http://www.21china.de/wirtschaft/tmall-oder-jd-com-der-internethandel-in-china/, 15 April 2015.
  • „Neue Märkte erschließen – Internationales Vertriebsrecht“, speech in Freiburg on 26 March 2015.
  • „Umweltschutz und China: Zurück zur Natur“, articlin 21China, published at http://www.21china.de/wirtschaft/umweltschutz-in-china-zurueck-zur-natur/, 21 January 2015.
    Seit Dez. 2014: Blog zum chinesischen Recht: www.china-legal.de.
  • „Werden deutsche Unternehmen in China diskriminiert?“, articlein 21China, published at http://www.21china.de/wirtschaft/werden-deutsche-unternehmen-in-china-diskriminiert/, 04 September 2014.
  • „Terrorismus in China: Mit Gewalt gegen die Unterdrückung?“, articlein 21China, published at http://www.21china.de/gesellschaft/terrorismus-in-china-mit-gewalt-gegen-die-unterdrueckung/, 27 May 2014.
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  • „Arbeitsschutz chinesischer Prägung“, article in 21China, published at http://www.21china.de/wirtschaft/arbeitsschutz-chinesischer-praegung/, 02 April 2014.
  • „Deutsch-chinesische Entwicklungszusammenarbeit am Beispiel Stadtplanung“, presentation at the Confucius Institute, Freiburg, 11 February 2010.
  • „Das chinesische Kammer- und Verbandsrecht im Rechtsvergleich“, Carl Heymanns Publishing House, 2009.
  • „Nicht kleckern und langen Atem haben – Investitionsbedingungen für den Mittelstand in China“, published in Kommunal Intern, 11/2006, p. 12, 13
  • “Heinrich-Böll-Stiftung, Politischer Jahresbericht China, 2005 – 2006”, published at http://www.boell.de/downloads/stiftung/Pol_Jb_China_2005.pdf.
  • “The Pearl River Delta – Can it still grow?“, in: Hongkong2005.org, 14.12.2005, published at http://hongkongblog.globalternative.org/index0b40.html?cat=9.
  • „Heinrich-Böll-Stiftung, Politischer Jahresbericht China, 2004 – 2005“, published at http://www.boell.de/downloads/jahresberichte2005/China2005.pdf.
  • „Heinrich-Böll-Stiftung, Politischer Jahresbericht China, 2003 – 2004“, published at http://www.boell.de/downloads/jahresberichte2004/Peking2004.pdf.
  • „Mittelstand in China – Umwelttechnik gefragt“, published in Badische Zeitung, Nr. 36, 23.5.2002, p.8.

Corporate and Commercial, International Arbitration, Mediation

General Council of the German Bar
All German Courts
Sino-German Legal Professionals Association
Sino-German Lawyers Association
Integrated Mediation Association

Apr. 2015 – Oct. 2015 Darmstadt, Germany. Darmstadt University, training as mediator.
May 2006 – Jan. 2009 Hamburg, Germany. Hamburg University, Institute of Economic Law. PhD, dissertation on the new Law of Chinese Business Associations: A Comparative legal study on the situation of enterprise organization and representation in Germany and the PR China.
February – July 2002 Kunming, PR China. Studies of Traditional Chinese Medicine at the Southern Minority Health Institute.
Sept. 1998 – Dec. 2000 Kunming, PR China. University of Chinese Minorities, Kunming (1999), Yunnan Art Institute, Kunming (2000), and Kunming University (2001). Major in Language and Cultural Studies.
Oct. 1993 – Aug. 1998 Berlin, Germany. Berlin University „Freie Universität Berlin“.Major in Law Studies; specialization in International and EU Law.
Sept. 1983 – May 1992 Freiburg, Germany. Secondary education at Friedrichs-Gymnasium, Abitur (equivalent to a-leves). Languages: Latin, English, French. Special subjects English and history.

Chinese, Mandarin, English, French, German, Italian, Spanish
Goethestrasse 42 Baden-Wuerttemberg

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Dr. Klaus U. Beck