Dr. David Lincoln

Dr. David Lincoln

Dr. David Lincoln

David Lincoln (B.Sc., Ph.D., N.D.) in his long career within psychology have played versatile roles and worked in countless divergent environments including mental hospitals and up market private clinics. He has worked in several countries predominantly in the USA, India, Lithuania and the UK.

He has travelled to many other countries whilst carrying out research on the mind body connection. He specializes in the MIND BODY CONNECTION and this encompasses all areas of health. He believes that all health challenges have a major psychological element although this is not always obvious. People have the ability, if they want, to think themselves well and alternatively, as is often the case, the ability to think themselves ill.

He is also what is generally called a ‘COUNSELING PSYCOLOGIST’ and deal with thinking disorders and what the general public refers to as ‘problems’. Whilst in the USA he used to write for PERSPECTIVES MAGAZINE and occasional articles published in other technical magazines. He had been working in Harley Street through the clinics of many specialist doctors and also did a short spell at the famous HALE CLINIC.

Within his career he had many challenging positions and had dealt with people from all walks of life both on a voluntary basis and within institution.

Taking into consideration today’s need of PSYCOLOGICAL EDUCATION he has FOUNDED a training company ‘NLP GOA’. He is the founder member and President of the company. Although being a born BRITISH NATIONAL, he currently based in and works out of INDIA.

As a trainer he trains all levels of NLP – Neuro – Linguistic Programming and all levels of PSYCHOTHERAPY in INDIA and throughout the world. He has also compiled and delivered many CORPORATE TRAININGS and have been advisor to many POLITICAL ORGANISATION and FORTUNE 500 companies and their directors.

Career Profile

1970 to 1975 – School Teacher
1975 to 1980 – Housemaster Approved School
1980 t0 1986 – Deputy Head Maladjusted Boarding School – Head of Care
1980 to 1986 – Consultant to Long Grove Regional Adolescent Unit
1986 to 1999 – Private practice as Consultant CLINICAL PSYCOLOGIST
1999 to 2002 – Consultant to MUM RESEARCH INSTITUTE, Kansas USA
2003 to date – Private practice and NLP trainer – NLP GOA
2005 to Date – Founding President of ANLP (India)
2008 to date- Founder and Chief MENTOR to NLP Goa
2009 to date – Psychotherapy Trainer
2010 to date – Visiting Faculty to GOA INSTITUTE of MANAGEMENT


David has penned several books on psychology, NLP and Hypnosis.

  • Soup Our Salvation (2000) Private circulation
  • A confusion of therapies A-Z list of therapies
  • NLP for the Curious
  • The definitive guide to Ericksonian Language Patterns Ø? Therapy Planner
  • David’s Big Book of Hypnotic Scripts

Following books will be published in the near future.

  • Stress Management for Managers
  • Relationship trilogy (Three books)
  • NLP Resources Book

David has been a regular Columnist in several Psychology Magazines, Newspapers and Internet blogs.

  • Several articles for PERSPECTIVES Magazine USA – 1985 to 2003
  • Several articles for RAPPORT – 1998 to date
  • Many Internet articles – 1995 to date
  • Columnist on HEALTH in GOA – PLANET GOA – 1 year
  • Writer for COMPLETE WELLBEING – Complete Wellbeing Publishing, Mumbai

Trainings / Courses Offered by NLP Goa & ANLP

  • NLP Practitioner and Hypnosis Practitioner
  • NLP Master Practitioner and Master Hypnosis
  • NLP Trainers Training
  • Effective Parenting
  • Psychotherapy and Coaching
  • NLP and Psychotherapy
  • Sales Courses and corporate requirements

Corporate and Commercial, Mediation

B.Sc. – PSYCOLOGY – LSE (UK) 1969
Ph.D. – PSYCOLOGIST – Kansas State (USA) 1980
Judo Black belt (4th Dan) – 1974
Reiki Master, Australia – April 1998
PRACTITIONER NLP ITS, London – 21st June 1998
Clinical Hypnosis Helen Ericson NICABM, USA – December 1998
Master Practitioner NLP ITS, London – 6th June 1999
Trainer NLP Advance Neuro Dynamics, USA – 14th August 2000
Certified Hypnotherapist, ABH – January 2001
Master Trainer of NLP registered with ANLP (India) – 2009

1275/2 Gaunwaddi, Anjuna