David Silvera

David Silvera

David Silvera

David Silvera has been involved in the movement to introduce and develop mediation as an alternate form of dispute resolution in Israel since 1998.  In 1986, he established Silpar (Israel) Ltd., which provided consulting services to businesses in Israel and internationally..

Silpar began functioning as a center for dispute resolution and training in 1998, and earned the recognition of the Advisory Council on Mediation to the Israeli judicial system in May 2001.

Silpar, as a Mediation and training centre engage 20 professional mediators, specializing in a variety of fields, e.g. Busines, commerce, labor, hi-Tec   and family.

Additionally, Dr. Silvera is academic director of “Pathways” (“Drachim“): The School for Conflict Resolution, a subsidiary of Silpar (Israel) Ltd.

In 1991 he was appointed as public appointee on the Greater Tel Aviv Labor Court Bench, and in 1998, he began serving as mediator of the same labor court; he held both positions through March 2004.

Dr Silvera, who has worked as a print and broadcast journalist, was Editor-in Chief of “Sulcha” – Israel’s mediation portal, (1999 to 2014) .He is now editing the www.silpar.co.il website.

Dr. Silvera has lectured at Israel’s Open University since 1989, in the department of Political Science, Sociology and Communications, and also serves as a lecturer assisting students in seminar research on:: “Leadership and its Applications in Education,.

Currently train mediators for the Israeli courts and the private market at the “Evens Mediation and Conflict Resolution Center at the Tel Aviv University”.

As a veteran activist in social organizations, Dr. Silvera has endeavored to address the issue of intercultural tension in Israel, and to minimize ethnic polarization in Israeli society.

Dr. Silvera authored Crossroads East and West (“Zomet Mizrah-Ma’arav”), an anthology of broadcasts culled from his five-year tenure as radio broadcaster for The Voice of Israel (“Kol Israel”).  The book, which was published by Zmora Bitan in 1989, focuses on intercultural mediation and dialogue.

Also authored “Mediation between theory and practice” (2011) and “you need 2 to Tango” (2014), which contain 20 mediation cases.

In September 2017 the Lawyer’s Burci publication will introduce the first elementary study  book on mediation, in Hebrew  written by David Silvera (the general part and Advocate  Alma Sharon Sade (the divorce & family part)..”

Dr. Silvera served as the chairman of the Israeli Chamber of Mediators from 2005. To 2011. He  served  as Deputy Chairman  of the Israel Adult Education Association (IAEA), ( to 2017)  Serves as  Deputy président of the ” International Multy Tracs Diplomacy East” – IMTD, Bord membre of the  ” International Center for Ethno-Religious Mediation(ICERM) and membre of the ‘International Mediation Institute (IMI).

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