Alex Ngu Sze Shae

Alex Ngu Sze Shae

Alex Ngu Sze Shae

Mr. Alex Ngu Sze Shae is the principal of Alex, Jason & Co. a lawfirm based in Kuching, Sarawak, Malaysia. He is an experienced Adjudicator dealing with construction disputes either as an Adjudicator and/or counsel. Mr.Alex works with individual clients and businesses to achieve their goals with a litigation strategy designed for each particular matter. He acknowledged that each client has a different needs and intention in their litigation cases. With this in mind he will find the best solutions to their needs.

Mr. Alex is primarily a litigator, where his emphasis is on general civil litigation and construction disputes.

He also advises clients on various litigation process and issues.

He also acts as legal advisors to various prominent companies based in Malaysia.

Affiliations and Certifications:

Title : Advocate and solicitor
Admission no. : 1111
Jurisdiction : High Court of Sabah and Sarawak
Location : Sarawak, Malaysia
Date : 11.11.2009

Title : Legal Practitioner
Jurisdiction : Supreme Court of Queensland
Location : Queensland, Australia
Date : September, 2008

Title : LL. B. Hons.
Achievement : Second Class Honours Division B
Body : Queensland University of Technology
Location : Brisbane, Queensland, Australia
Date : 6.8.2008

Title : Authority to Attest Land Documents
Body : Land and Survey Department
Location : whole of Sarawak, Malaysia
Date : 15.4.2010

Title : Trademarks’ Agent
Body : Intellectual Property Corporation of Malaysia
Location : whole of Malaysia
Date : 4.3.2014

Title : Commissioner for Oaths
Body : BahagianPesuruhjayaSumpah, Mahkamah
Persekutuan Malaysia
Location : To service at registered business premise at Kuching,
Sarawak, Malaysia
Date : 3/2017

Body : Kuala Lumpur Regional Centre for Arbitration (KLRCA)
Empaneled : Arbitrator
Certificate no. : 0829(Arb)/2015(05)
Since : for the term 2017 – 2020
Empaneled : Construction Adjudicator
Certificate no. : 0279(Adj)/2014
Since : 18.8.2014
Empaneled : Mediator
Certificate no. : 0829(Med)/2014(07)
Since : for the term 2017 – 2020

Body : Society of Construction Law, Malaysia
Title : Member
Membership no. : SCL0200
Since : June, 2014

Body : Malaysian Institute of Arbitrators
Title : Member MIArb (MMiarb)
Membership no. : M/403
Since : 15.5.2014

Body : Chartered Institute of Arbitrators
Title : FellowCIArb(FCIArb)
Membership no. : 32692
Location : worldwide and Malaysia
Since : 13.1.2015

Body : Advocate Association of Sarawak
Title : Member
Membership no. : 1111 – KN015
Since : 20.10.2010

Construction and Engineering, Mediation

LL. B. Hons.

Chinese, Mandarin, Chinese, Yue(Cantonese), English
No. 689 (1st Floor), Jalan Keranji 4F,
Kuching, Sarawak