Call for Contributions

We invite papers from those with an interest in ADR and its all diversified topics and disciplines like dispute system design, ombudsman, international disputes, investment and international arbitration, ADR in practices like oil, gas, energy, infrastructure, mining, utilities etc., conflict avoidance and commercial conflict management by bilateral negotiation or by third-party facilitated negotiation, psychology-psychoanalysis, international business management, economics, international investment law and the various areas of “dispute management” – not solely conventional quasi-judicial “resolution” of disputes.

We are looking for a range of contributions including practical comments on recent developments, in-depth contributions on issues of topical concern, and longer, scholarly articles which add to an understanding of these fields.

Our audiences are world-wide and include professional firms, corporations, NGOs, Government departments, and universities. Your contributions are thus assured of a wide readership of those interested in these areas.

Please contact us at . We publish contributions with name, photo, and brief biographical description – but we will also accept anonymous contributions.

If you are unsure of an idea you have for an article is suitable for publication, please contact us to discuss it.

Note that FICM Editorial offers professionals the opportunity of lead editing and co-sponsoring issues on particular topics relevant to the communities suitable for highlighting the professional competencies and profile of the professional and his or her firm, the special issue editor and contributors.

Article submission guidelines:


  • Written in MS Office Word
  • Checked for Spelling & Grammar
  • Please use standard legal citation methods using footnotes (not endnotes)
  • Include an executive summary of the article (150-200 words) to the beginning of the paper
  • As an online publication we can publish articles of any length, from a fairly short comment on recent developments to full length academic papers or reports of hundreds of pages incl. Annexes. Minimum word count: 5000+.


For your author profile:

  • Your full name & title
  • Your Company, University or Organization name
  • Website address
  • E-mail address (only visible for registered readers)
  • 150-200 words on your own/your firm’s professional services provided, expertise, competence…
  • A digital photo (if you wish)



We offer an electronic version of the traditional “off-prints” to individual authors / contributors. Contributing authors are welcome to circulate this electronic off-print to colleagues, clients and professional contacts. Each author will receive their electronic “off-prints” after publication of the issue involved