The FICM global ecosystem is powered by it’s globally strong membership.

The global ecosystem where providers of dispute resolution and users of the dispute services, both find great value as members of this largest global institution.

Any dispute resolution professional, independent lawyer, ADR professional, arbitrator, mediator or an individual interested in dispute resolution can join FICM + MCN global ecosystem as an individual member.

Any law firm, corporate or institution that offers dispute resolution services, resources and systems or wishes to be a part of global institutional network partner can join FICM as a law firm, corporate or institutional member.

Any Business can become the member of FICM as a corporate member to use its modern and world class dispute management, prevention and resolution services, solutions and resources. To know more about the corporate memberships, please visit the corporate membership section or download the corporate membership brochure HERE.

Categories of membership

Individual membership

  • Individual members can join FICM and seek nominations to any two FICM initiatives based on their expertise, experience and qualifications.
  • International Commercial Disputes Tribunal, ICDT – A Globalwide Neutral Forum for Commercial Disputes
    Integrated Dispute Management Group, IDMG – A Modern Dispute Resolution Practice
  • The Mediation and Conciliation Network, MCN – A global Mediation Network with modern rules and integrated approach
  • Global Business Compliance Council, GBCC – A Global Network of Business / Corporate Members


Individual members can seek any two Accredited positions in the network based on their qualifications, expertise and experience –

  • Neutral (Arbitrators, Mediators, Conciliator)
  • Dispute Resolution counsel, Advocate or Practitioner
  • Negotiator
  • Expert Determiner
  • Insolvency Disputes Expert
  • Marine Disputes Expert
  • Ombudsperson


Individual members can choose to be in any number of classified panels, rosters, practice areas based on their specialization, expertise and quantification. To know more about the List of panels and practice areas, please CLICK HERE.

Members can be eligible to represent  max four jurisdictions (cities), provided they have offices in all these locations.

Law Firm Membership

Law firms will have all the options and benefits of individual members for max five law firm members, besides having their own law firm section on the website and other privileges as a law firm. For each additional law firm member, a rebate of 20% on individual members fee.

Corporate, Business or Institutional Membership

Companies and Businesses can join as member to be protected and supported by the Global ecosystem, resources, services, solutions and schemes of FICM and operate with certainty by effectively preventing, managing and resolving disputes of all kinds and at any place in the world.

FICM and its diverse initiatives provide global business community with fast, fair and enforceable solutions to disputes arising within or outside of any organization, Members use most suited approach from a range of unique FICM administered dispute resolution programs and schemes at no initial on-boarding costs.

The corporate membership brings greater commercial assurance for exporters, importers and domestic businesses.

Special Membership

  • new professional (i.e., available for first three years after graduation or qualification, whichever is the later date);
  • full-time academic;*
  • public sector (e.g., judges, government counsel, staff of NGOs/IGOs)*; and
  • African nationals


* Open to those specialists who earn no significant fees as arbitrator or counsel.

Membership Fee

  • Individual: Annual USD 100 / Lifetime USD 450
  • Law Firms: Annual USD500 (for up to 4 representations)
  • Additional law firm or chambers member: Annual USD 80 (above initial 4 members)
  • Corporate Membership: Annual USD 1000
  • Special membership: USD 70


*18% GST will be applicable on all payments.

  • Successful applicants are provided with log-in details for the member-only website features and with payment details
  • Annual Membership is for the twelve consecutive months after membership has been confirmed
  • Lifetime membership option is available only for a limited period  (Lifetime members are for 15 years)


To become a member, please fill out the ONLINE MEMBERSHIP FORM HERE

Contact MCN’s Membership Team at +91 8505 999 819 or for any queries.