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    Edward W. F. Luke


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    Rand Club of Johannesburg; Rotary Club of Gaborone.

    Member: International Bar Association (Committee Rappoteur

    For Botswana, 1991-1992); Commonwealth Lawyers Association;

    Corporate Lawyers Association of South Africa; Society of Conservative

    Lawyers of England; Inns of Court of California; Honorary Member

    Commercial Bar Association of England and Wales, Vice Chair to the

    Foreign Legal Consultant Committee of the American Bar Association

    Section of International Law; Vice Chairman ABA International Criminal

    Law Committee; Member of the steering Group for the International

    Litigation Committee of ABA International. Chapter chair for Botswana

    of the New York State Bar Association International Law Section.

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    267 75753612


    Luke & Associates, 657 Mogoditshane, PO Box 301097, Tlokweng, Gaborone,

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    Fourah Bay College, University of Sierra Leone (B.A., 1982);

    University of London (LL.B., Hons., 1985);

    Honourable Societyof the Middle Temple (B.L., 1986)

    FCIArb, MCIArb FBIArb, FSIArb, FAArb;

    DIP INT ARB. Author: “The lawyer Who Defendedhimself in jail,” Holborn School of Law Review, 1985. Academic Tutor, Top moot court prize in Bar School before Roger Henderson Q.C. in the semi- finals and before the Rt Hon  the  Lord Brandon of Oakbrook in the Finals in 1986.

    Holborn School of Law, 1986-1987. Chambers of Sir Simon Tuckey

    Q.C., London, 1987. Barrister-at-Law, Brobeck, Phleger & Harrison,

    California, 1987-1989. Attorney at Law, Botswana, 1989-,

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