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  • Anatomy of the case of Arab Countries and the WTO
  • Privacy Puzzle-Whatsapp Diktat and Competition
  • India Badly needs a National Competition Policy
  • Dispute Resolution: Facilitators, Mediators, Arbitrators
  • The Science and Art of Managing Conflicts and Resolving Disputes
  • Mediation: Getting Your Client and the Other Side to the Table
  • Top 20 Questions People Ask About Mediation
  • Litigate or Mediate?
  • Choosing an Expert Mediator
  • Can Non-Lawyers be the Best Mediators?
  • Good Timing–Identifying “Ripe” Times for Negotiations
  • Getting People to the Table
  • It is not Justice, to wait for years - The new generation wants it early, Not in Courts.
  • Realizing the Potential of Hybrid Approach to Dispute Resolution
  • Settlements - How and why er do them
  • Drafting International Dispute Resolution Clauses
  • Beautiful treatment
  • News Magazine
  • Home Resume
  • Portfolio With Grid Images V2

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