Why MCN – For International Commercial Disputes

In International scenario, companies are preferring MCN over other Dispute Resolution Institutions for many strong reasons that bring added value and confidence of early resolution.  Here are a few compelling reasons –


MCN’s New world Hybrid approach to Resolution of Disputes

Unlike other Mediation and Arbitration institutions, where they have basic arbitration and mediation methods, MCN boasts of most efficient Hybrid approach to dispute resolution that combines various innovative dispute resolution procedures and interventions to suit the requirements for the best outcome for the parties in dispute.

MCN’s Clear, flexible and adaptive Procedural Rules

MCN procedural rules for all of its dispute resolution approaches come with great clarity, flexibility and efficiency for all the stakeholders, including neutrals as well as the disputing parties.

Should the need be, parties can mutually request MCN for an amendment in the rule for their procedure, making it most adaptive to the parties specific needs and expectation, yet maintaining the sanctity of the procedures.

MCN Panel of experts and neutrals

MCN has largest, most diverse panel of distinguished hi-profile legal and non legal dispute resolution leaders coming from many countries around the world. The distinguished mediators, arbitrators and other experts come from world’s foremost institutions with a high degree of success rate.


With over 1000+ credentialed neutrals on-board, coming with diverse specializations and from all major jurisdictions makes MCN by far the most qualified, highly experienced neutrals body on earth. Clients not just have the options to choose from the roster of MCN neutrals, they can also request MCN to appoint a particular profile that may not exist in MCN roster. Making it a preferred destination that ensures neutrality


MCN boasts of lowest costs of effective dispute settlement services compared to any other institution of repute. The costs are normally determined by the neutrals fee and the administration fee charged by the institution and other associated costs like venue etc. Clients save over 25% of their costs by choosing MCN as their destination for managing and settling domestic and cross border disputes.

Choice of Seat and Venue

The choice of the place of dispute resolution is crucial, since the law of the place determines important procedural matters and since courts located at the place of Med-Arb may be called upon to deal with different issues ranging from the appointment of arbitrators to the recognition and enforcement of the arbitral award.

Flexibility in choice of seat and venue in cross border disputes is one of the many key attractions of MCN. With a choice of over 100 plus select venues most suited to the needs of diverse parties across 20 countries where they may choose to meet for mediation or arbitration hearing.

Flexibility and Ease of resolving disputes

MCN is the only organization that understands and adapts to your needs of disputing parties like no other, from local to global. MCN is headed by an international Board of Directors comprising eminent mediation practitioners, business and industry stakeholders. MCN offers professional case management services under the MCN’s rules specific to each process, program or scheme.

Enforceability of Settlement and award of a Dispute

Resolution of a dispute at MCN comes with the unique benefit of enforceability.

Settlement agreements may be made consent awards under an Arb-Med-Arb Protocol through our Arb-Med-Arb process. MCN also operates in affiliation and association with other dispute resolution institutions all over the world to ensure strong enforceability as in many countries Legislative changes are being considered and are happening to allow mediated settlements to be enforced as orders of court.

What may be the case, MCN strives for the enforceability of settlement and award of dispute.