Dispute resolution services to meet the demands of today’s rapidly changing world without boundaries.

MCN provides efficient, flexible and impartial administration of international dispute resolution proceedings, regardless of location, and under any system of law.

With innovative approach and processes, its roster of distinguished and most influencial neutrals and experts, MCN delivers value to disputing parties of all sizes and shapes. MCN has access to the best-in-class professionals and dispute resolvers (arbitrators, mediators and experts from many jurisdictions) and with the widest range of expertise.

Our back office in India facilitates administration of a combination of innovative dispute resolution processes designed for international cross-border disputes.

MCN works closely with members of industry groups to create dispute resolution services tailored to meet their specific needs of international cross border trade. These initiatives include specific procedures and expert panels deeply embedded in industry practices.

MCN’s services are by far most cost effective and valuable as compared to any other traditional International ADR body / Institution.

For specic details on our dispute resolution programs and schedule of costs, please contact us at +91 8505999819 or

MCN offers parties the ability to exercise choice in a variety of ways, including the opportunity to file cases under specific sets of procedures, to choose the location where a dispute will be heard or mediated and to participate in the selection of a combination of different neutrals for arb-med-arb proceedings.

Unless the dispute resolution clause states otherwise, parties can choose a variety of options within MCN administrative structure including:

  • Applicable procedural rules.
  • Appointment methodologies.
  • Language.
  • Fee schedules.