ADR Services

Dispute Resolution Boards

MCN neutrals become the part of a client-appointed panel chaired by a one neutral, which is formed at the start of a project and meets regularly (usually at the site) to follow work progress and to provide guidance to the parties. Once the DRB is in place, is informed about the project, and follows its progress, it is able to guide the parties to a mutual resolution of differences before they become disputes.  Our DRBs have been successfully used in complex construction projects.

Ombudsman Services

Through our distinct and expert business units, we provide ombudsman services to resolve consumer and employee disputes to diverse sectors of business and Industry.

MCN has separate Ombudsman Services for Consumers and Employees. Both these services and independent and operate in distinct names.

Please go to our Consumer Disputes Ombudsman Service HERE

Please go to our Employee Disputes Ombudsman Service HERE

Early Settlement (Litigation)

MCN settlement practice helps you ending a dispute before the end of a trial. Settling a case eliminates the costs of a trial and may also be a way to avoid the risk of potentially greater losses via a jury verdict.

Government Relations and Public Affairs

MCN helps our clients meet the challenges of dealing with governmental issues by facilitate direct communications with public officials and decision makers. We provide a voice in government bodies for individuals, organizations and public and private entities with diverse needs.

MCN’s Government Relations Panel consists of experts with a long and distinguished history of working with national, state and local government officials and agencies in resolving controversies and crafting public policy. Our reputation of experience and integrity, and our professional relationships with governmental decision makers, enable us to achieve strong results for our clients at all levels of government.

Dispute Prevention and Early Intervention

Our aim is to avoid the violent escalation of a dispute. MCN role helps:

  • Monitoring and/or intervening to stabilize a potentially violent conflict before its outbreak by initiating activities that address the root causes as well as the triggers of a dispute.
  • Establishing mechanisms that detect early warning signs and record specific indicators that may help to predict impending violence.
  • Institutionalizing the idea of preventing conflict at the local, regional, and international levels.

Contract Management and Advisory

Even with goodwill and carefully drafted and prepared contract documentation, commercial disputes will arise. When they do, the result does not need to be determined by a court or an arbitrator. Early involvement allows us to have greatest impact by influencing issues that enhance the opportunities for settlement and improving your position. Contract Management can ensure their proper formation, negotiation, execution and resolution when conflicts or different interpretations arise.

Recoveries and Debt Dispute Mediation

If you are unable to come to an agreement over the debt, you can get help negotiating a solution using MCN mediation service.

Early Neutral Evaluation

Early Neutral Evaluation provides disputants with a frank professional evaluation of their claims and defenses by a professional, objective observer. It is used when the parties disagree significantly about the value of their cases and are locked in positional bargaining. ENE benefits the parties by adding to the negotiation certain assessments whose neutrality may lend them authority and utility, without changing their positions or interests.