The Conflict Management and Research Consortium

The Conflict Management and Research Consortium

This project is part of the Mediation and Conciliation Network’s (MCN’s) Dispute System Design Initiative. Working Together Towards a Common Purpose of Dispute Management. In collaboration with companies, business associations and government agencies, the consortium will be one of the flagship programs of MCN to leverage collaborative resources and help every member company develop programs best suited to each organizations changing requirements.

The program objective is to address the ever growing need of prevention, diagnosis, prognosis and treatment of significant dispute management techniques, so that organizations can remain more healthy and profitable through cost savings and risk mitigation.

The project is aimed at improving the conflict management efficiency of companies by increasing the resources and capacity through collaborative of all stakeholders.

What makes the program unique is its capacity to engage the corporate sector more effectively and directly in developing new ways of dispute management and resolution approaches based on priority business needs with measurable results.

The consortium program benefits from the financial support from its members and other participating stakeholders.

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