We are excited to announce that the CONCORD 2018 is open for sponsorship. With your support, we can engage a wider audience and take the event to new heights. Sponsors will be given prominent visibility throughout the conference, and will have the opportunity to engage with key thought leaders and innovators who are creating deep social,  impact in the world.

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It will involve thousands of informed stakeholders participating in person or via the Internet. The event has the capacity to stimulate real, positive changes in how disputes will be handled in the 21st century, enabling sponsors to show their leadership and engagement in improving access to justice and the resolution of civil and commercial dispute resolution systems worldwide. This affects all types of disputants and stakeholders, including multinationals, small and medium-sized enterprises, entrepreneurs, law firms, court houses, arbitration and mediation centres, NGOs, governments and regulatory agencies around the world. The event is an effective branding opportunity both locally and globally to promote corporate governance, adoption of more appropriate dispute resolution systems, better risk management and corporate social responsibility issues

1. Enhanced public reputation in leadership

Sponsoring the event is essentially about leadership in promoting access to justice and providing greater informed choices to disputants. Among the themes to be discussed during the event are corporate governance, legal and social responsibility issues  and challenges facing access to justice in emerging markets and low- and middle-income countries.

2. Positive perceptions of customers, vendors, and other stakeholders

Sponsoring the CONCORD will convey a strong public message that sponsoring entities have a strong sense of fiduciary responsibility (limiting expenditures of non-producing resources), and appropriate case management and dispute resolution process design strategies, which are pragmatic and case-specific. Sponsors through their visible support will also be able to communicate that effective cost reductions and better time management is wired into their ethos, and that they expect providers and advisers of ADR services to energetically devise strategies to end disputes on acceptable terms as quickly and cost-effectively as possible.

3. Cost savings

Published data indicates that companies known to be “dispute-wise” (i.e. known to be systemic and thoughtful in their approaches to dispute resolution) tend to have higher P/E ratios than those that litigate to the end regardless. Sponsors will be able to leverage their CONCORD participation to compare and review best practices and to ensure that cutting-edge cost-saving processes are implemented in their own structures, thus enhancing their own know-how and value, while reducing legal spend.

4. Rule of law development

As the event will also take place in a number of emerging markets and low and middle income countries, it will provide Sponsors with an opportunity to help shape vital changes in places where operations are currently challenged by an absence of adequate rule of law. Access to justice is a key role for ADR in a global economy and flattening world, be it in sophisticated but expensive legal jurisdictions, or in countries with struggling judicial systems. The CONCORD will serve as a platform to explore and develop together with all concerned stakeholders how ADR can best be used to fulfill this role and how use of ADR can be encouraged for public benefit.

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