Why does our work matter?

Conflicts are the inherent part of human being. Its an integral part of society’s ongoing evolution.

What varies from culture to culture is its scope and scale, whether it is valued or avoided, and the manner in which it is managed or resolved. There certainly are societies which do not readily acknowledge conflict and which have strong biases towards resolving their differences through consensus; there are others which embrace conflict and are more confrontational, resorting more often to the court of law.

Whether societies view conflict as being almost abnormal or close to a core value, there are, in every case, institutionalized means to deal with it.

Our world is an interconnected system straining under the burden of its own complexity, making it unpredictable and difficult to navigate.

Each of these factors and many others require a new kind of institution – one with the adaptability, the entrepreneurialism and the trust of all stakeholders – that can bring together people who have the power to make change, to achieve mutual understanding and empathy, to come to common agreement and, where appropriate, push action forward.

As an international organization with no commercial interest, MCN provides a platform for leaders from all stakeholder groups from around the world – business, government and civil society – to come together and find ways to prevent, manage and resolve conflicts.