What we do


  • Administer and manage disputes in a variety of ways and for several industry sectors across borders.
  • Assist organisations to develop effective dispute resolution processes.
  • Provide an up-to-date listing of experts, neutrals and other DR practitioners.
  • Extensively promote the use of innovative dispute resolution approaches – to help prevent, manage and resolve disputes.
  • Provide a voice for DR practitioners in public discussion about ADR – we gather and represent members’ views.
  • Do this with an integrated, inclusive approach – with our partners and members around the world.


By formulating ADR Agreements: As the leading innovator in ADR solutions, MCN assists parties in designing the terms of a post-dispute agreement or pre-dispute contract clause in ways that increase their effectiveness and expedite the process better than if the parties had crafted the solution on their own.

By designing, managing and administering corporate ADR Systems and Industry ADR Programs: MCN assists companies and industry groups to craft an ADR program for frequently occurring disputes, to identify and train a panel of highly qualified Neutrals, and to communicate the program to relevant parties.


By coalescing and Convening Parties in Complex Disputes. MCN can leverage special role as a Neutral body and as an advocate of ADR services, to convene multi-party disputes and obtain their consent to engage in an appropriate ADR process to resolve the matter.

By Helping General Counsel and their law firms toward an increased reliance on alternative forms of dispute resolution rather than litigation.

By selecting highly skilled Neutrals possessing both the experience and qualifications relevant to a specific conflict to assist in its resolution.

By providing Assisted Med/Arb Services: For situations in which limited administration may be needed for a given type of case or case load, MCN staff stands ready to assist parties in proactively addressing disputes and accelerating resolution.

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