How do we do our work?

Our work is conducted through the memberships and partnerships with all stakeholders.


We do our work with a collaborative, integrated, inclusive approach with all stakeholders who are our members and partners. We create new ways to deal with challenges posed by businesses and communities together with their help, and build a consensus towards implementing these new unique approaches and processes to deal with specific challenges.

FICM-MCN does its work mainly through various initiatives, programs and schemes

MCN brings together decision-makers from across society to develop, endorse and implement new programs and schemes to manage and resolve disputes. Through collaboration between stakeholders like law firms, neutrals, business leaders, civil society members, political leaders etc with varied perspectives, our programs and schemes deliver concrete and sustainable results and make a positive impact for businesses and communities.

Our comprehensive portfolio of programs and schemes is aligned around the challenges posed by businesses and communities, designed to make meaningful and sustainable change.