Governance / Organizational Structure


The MCN’s Global Council, regional councils and Board of Directors determine the MCN’s goals, adopt the rules that govern it and ensure compliance with the WLA’s principles.



Global Council

The Global Council is MCN’s sovereign body. It, along with the board of directors and founding members (who also form the part of global council), will decide, define and adopt  the organization’s strategy, the organization’s budget, operating regulations and the resolutions.  It is made up of representatives from all regions around the world.

MCN’s meetings (Face-to-Face or over a Video Conference) will be chaired by the MCN Secretary-General. The Council will meet once a year to discuss key issues and set priorities for MCN work. The work mandated by the Council is to be carried out by the MCN Secretariat.

Executive Management Board

The Executive Management is the MCN’s senior Management Team. It supervises the implementation of the decisions made by the Global Council, as well as the smooth running of the organization. The Senior Management Team is responsible for managing MCN’s programs, budgets, other activities and human and financial resources of their respective functions in accordance with agreed work plans, and ensure delivery of results in line with the Organization’s strategic goals.

The Executive Management is appointed by the Global Council. The executive management will consist of Executive Director, Chief Operating Officer/Deputy Executive Director, and other directors of various regions, specialisms, practices and subjects.


The Secretariat is made up of a very small staff strength to support the activities of MCN, and carry out the work in response to priorities decided by the MCN Global Council.  MCN staff members also work from home from various regions for a cost effective business and knowledge process management.

Regional Boards

The MCN will be represented throughout the world by the Regional Boards led by the Regional Leaders. They help the organization to expand the MCN’s presence in their country or region and to liaise with the members in their area and the MCN’s Management. The regional board will consist of min 7 and max 12 board members.

There are about 100 regional chapters in the making. Any member of MCN in good standing can self nominate or can be nominated by other MCN members for the position of regional board member.  The elected Regional board members select the president/ Chair , vice-president / vice chair and other designations within the regional board.



Bylaws and Code

The bylaws and standing rules will tell you why MCN does things the way it does. You can find out everything you ever wanted to know about MCN–and probably more.

Strategic Priorities

The MCN strategic plan provides goals and objectives to guide the organization over the next three years. The current strategic plan was approved by the MCN in December 2017 and will expire in December 2020.

Standing Committees

MCN will have standing committees to help the MCN Board of Directors implement various aspects of the strategic plan and other organization business.