About FICM

Who we are

A breeding ground of compelling innovations in the design and implementation of systems for the prevention, de-escalation, control and early resolution of disputes, FICM is changing the way world prevents, manages and resolves disputes.

With 1000+ active members around the world, we develop, manage and administer all forms of dispute systems through a worldwide ecosystem.

FICM is driving the new wave of dispute prevention and resolution culture – helping corporations, communities and governments with its collective resources of conflict management, dispute resolution and civil justice systems.

Through our innovative services, leadership, education, promotion of professional standards, training and development of innovative programs, FICM provides opportunities for people, communities, organizations and businesses to effectively manage and respond to conflicts

How are we constituted

We are a consortium of embedded memberships and partnerships. A potent combination of not-for-profit and commercial initiatives – all working towards one mission of building peace through a range of innovative conflict management and dispute resolution systems.

Our partners and members consist of regional organizations, individual innovators, leaders from different walks of life, entrepreneurs, business and corporate, leading law firms, independent legal practitioners, contract and other dispute resolution professionals from diverse industries and communities.

Some Facts

FICM Network of Talent

Nearly 600 expert neutrals, including retired judges, Industry and domain experts, trained and qualified mediators and arbitrators, attorneys with proven track records coming from over 50 countries.

Dispute Prevention and Resolution Approach

Facilitative and evaluative mediation, binding arbitration, neutral case evaluation, settlement conference, neutral expert fact finding, project neutral, dispute review boards and Integrated dispute management.


Case types handled by FICM network

Business, Commercial, Construction, Education, Employment, Engineering and Construction, Entertainment and Sports, Environment, Family, Inheritance, Divorce & Separation, Financial Markets, Franchise, Government, Healthcare, Insurance, Intellectual Property, Landlord/Tenant, Lender Liability, Professional Malpractice, Marital Dissolution, Partnership, Personal Injury, Probate, Product Liability, Real Estate, Securities, Trusts and Estates.

Education and Training

FICM offers educational programs that aid organizations and individuals in resolving their own disputes.  FICM also offers a range of training programs for Neutrals and panelists.

What we do

We help prevent and solve difficulties that arise in international commerce through our new world administered dispute resolution services.

FICM offers high-quality, cost-effective and efficient administrative services under the FICM Rules and Procedures seated all over the world involving parties of any nationality. While our back office is India, we are ONE truly global organization – offering most effective administration of global arbitration. We are developing our casework team back in India with legal, language and cultural expertise necessary to service all major jurisdictions around the world.

Companies worldwide turn to us for helping them mitigate the risk of operating in global markets.  That’s because we are the only system built up with neutral and reliable solutions that help save time and money, flexible enough to meet the diverse interests and needs of parties in different parts of the world and different sectors of the economy.

You do not have to be a member of FICM to make us your first choice for preventing and resolving disputes large or small. In fact, with standard clauses available to include in your commercial contracts and the availability of our rules in several languages, FICM dispute resolution is accessible to anyone, anywhere, small or large.